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Art & Nature studies
The Phi School runs art and nature study classes every Thursday at the Currawong Bush Centre in Doncaster East.

Operating in the extensive bush landscape of Currwong Bush Park, these classes offer an opportunity for students to develop a stronger relationship with their own nature through being in nature with others. While students will be challenged to develop skills and knowledge, the setting is low pressure and friendly where children can work at a level suited to their individual capacity.
* Students are welcome to stay, play and eat between 12 and 1pm

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Nature Studies

$40 per student

Thursdays 10am to 12pm

April 18 to June 27 2024

Taught by Nicole and Ellery


This class dives into the natural world, developing a skill set that enables students to develop a detailed, in depth understanding and appreciation of their outdoor experiences. The class offers both theoretical and practical elements of nature study through a carefully crafted mix of bush craft and academic study. Student interests will be taken into account with class offerings and may include:

  • Botany and plant identification

  • Foraging for food and medicine

  • Orienteering

  • Ecological surveys 

  • Knot tying

  • Shelter Building

  • Diversity studies

  • Biology


$40 per student

Thursdays 1pm to 3pm

April 18 to June 27 2024

Taught by Nicole and Ellery

art_nature studies.jpeg

Offering immersive art experiences specifically designed to enhance creativity and develop confidence working with many differing mediums and techniques. These classes will vary with students being able to get messy and expressive, but also develop precision. Classes will be developed according to the interests of attending students and may include:

  • Modeling

  • Sacred geometry

  • Botanical Art

  • Printing

  • Sculpting

  • Dyeing

  • Origami

  • Mandalas

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