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History of the Phi School
Like a typical mother of non schooled children, I was sitting drinking tea with some others of my ilk on a sunny afternoon. Our children were circling outside, LARP swords in hand, adding dimensions to a fantasy world of their own creation. The conversation swung from existential philosophy to the trials of parenting, before landing on the need for science and math classes. 
My eyes lit up. This was an endeavour that I had considered for myself. After ten years of educating children outside of the 'system', and being passionate about my studies into mathematics and science, I volunteered my services.
I began with a broad scope. A six class foray into the world of biology, with a small class of seven. The children loved it. But better still, so did I. The spark in the eye of a child that comes with understanding a new and fascinating concept inspired me a way that my university subjects never did. The tree of knowledge was coming alive, both for me and my students.
After three terms of informal classes, I realised that I had found my calling. The feedback from both parents and students was very affirming. 'That felt like half an hour!' said one eleven year old after two straight hours of geometry. When asked what she had learnt from Elementary maths, one child responded 'I learnt that I love maths'. I decided to step up and create a formal school. I made a web site. I let everyone know. I planned. I researched. I called it 'The Phi School of Expanded Education'.
It has been a beautiful journey, I don't know where it will take me, but the trip has been one of the most rewarding of my life. A stunning culmination of many different areas of my life, dancing together and creating something that nourishes both myself and others in the most satisfying of ways. 
Much gratitude to both my students and their parents, in the past, the present and the future.
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