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About the Teaching Method

Nicole Dawson
The teaching method embraced by the Phi School is based on the philosophies of natural learning. That humanity achieved such an astonishing level of innovation is not because of compulsory education, it is because we are innately curious and creative. That left to our own devices, we are naturally drawn to learn, inquire and create. 
Studies have again and again shown that when people are learning or creating something on the basis of their own curiosity, they are capable of greater levels of creativity, retention of information is increased and the understanding is broader and multidimensional. 
When a person is 'made' to learn something with the promise of a reward or a punishment, the learning process can be incredibly slow and difficult. When a person wants to learn on the basis of their own personal interest, the passion that bubbles forth carries them to learn rapidly and at great depth. I aim to foster curiosity and create intrigue, helping the child to develop the kind of passion that creates an excellent platform for learning.
The teaching style that I embrace, does not require that any child do anything that is against their will. If a student doesn't want to write something down, I won't make them. I may encourage them to, explaining the way that writing reinforces our lessons through creating stronger neuronal super highways in our brain, but the choice is theirs. 
Empowerment leads to stronger and more passionate individuals with a belief in their own capabilities.
I do ask that students share the intention of attending on the basis of learning and interest in the subject matter.
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