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Welcome to The Phi School of Ethical Education


A new paradigm for education, the Phi School teaches from a platform of curiosity, inquiry and interest. Intrinsic motivation is stimulated and encouraged, while extrinsic motivators such as tests, marks and comparisons are avoided.


Science, mathematics, music and philosophy taught in a way that excites, inspires and encourages students to engage critically rather than focusing on memorisation.


Freed from the shackles of curriculum, the Phi School aims to foster a true understanding of the principals behind the knowledge. 

My name is Nicole Dawson

I set up the Phi School in 2016, so that I could share my passion for mathematics, music and science with the home school community...



Looking for a skilled educator to engage your homeschooler with the vibrant world of maths and science?

Who is equiped and unafraid to make high level concepts accessible to students of all capacities? Try booking a class with

the Phi School to discover the joys

of in depth learning


Is your child needing a leg up with maths? Are they confused or in need of greater challenge? I've had great success with bringing math alive for even the most reticent of learners and the bespoke style of private tuition can help your child progress at break neck speed


Learning a musical instrument colours the world for a student in a way that no other pursuit can do.

Give your child the gift of learning to recreate the works of the masters, or to compose their own unique pieces.

Fern Plant


0455 730 950



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