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How to handle data


10:00am to 12:00pm

October 22 to December 11  

8 weeks


For ages 10 and above


This course is an exploration into data and statistics. What is data, and what tools do we have to understand the data that we have. We'll cover:

- Collecting data, and types of data

Margin of error

- Mean, median, standard deviation, line of best fit, range

- How to best present data using charts, and how scaling of charts

- Comparing data

- A conceptual look into big data and computer algorithms 

We'll be conducting some experiments to collect the data, adding a scientific dimension to the class.

Creative writing

Monday 12:30pm to 2:30pm

October 22 to December 11

8 weeks


Suitable for ages 10 and up


An introduction to the wonderful world of word. Teaching students how to access the stream of words hidden inside of themselves and just waiting to come out. Letting go of attachment to outcome, fear of judgement and allowing the words to roll out, what ever they might be.

Using literary cues, brainstorming, theatre games and creative ideas to allow the student to write in an improvisational manner. Students are often surprised at just how many words they have inside, and how creative and clever they can be with them when they let go.

Including an exploration of metaphor, writing poetry in gibberish to explore form, phrasing and alliteration; understanding archetypes to build characters and symbolism to create mood and scenes.

Elementary math and science

Thursday  10:00am to 12:00pm

October 11 to December 13

10 weeks


For ages 6 to 10



Elementary Math and Science is a two part course, starting with 50 minutes of introductory math, a twenty minute break and then 50 minutes of science. Most of the science lessons will include a hands on science experiment or practical inquiry. The maths is largely a verbal and visual exploration using tangible resources such as dice, play dough and colour. It is suitable for younger children who are seeking to be inspired and have their curiosity for math and science grown and nurtured.

8 weeks