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Christmas Sessions

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Make a Model Merkaba Star

$30 for one, $20 for siblings

Tuesday 10am to 12pm

December 20

For ages 9 to 16

Learn about the platonic solids and regular polygons, and how mathematicians through out the ages have been interested in these shapes. Learn about the mysteries of the Merkaba (meaning light, spirit, body in hebrew) which is a combination of two tetrahedrons, and consider unified field theory which suggests that the smallest unit of space is a tetrahedron. Develop your own Merkaba template using a compass and a protractor. Use the template to construct a paper model Merkaba star, which you can keep for yourself or use for a delightful Christmas gift.

Printmaking Christmas Cards

$30 for one, $20 for siblings

Tuesday 1pm to 3.30pm

December 20

For ages 7 to 17

A hands on introduction to printmaking. Learn how to use carving tools to make your own unique linocut stamp and how to make multiple prints using your stamp. Take your stamp home and make hundreds of prints! 

String Art

$30 per person

Wednesday 12.30pm to 3pm

December 21

For ages 10-17

Learn about parabolas, tangent lines, and how straight lines alone can create curves. Then use a hammer, nails and colourful string to create beautiful string art of your own, and watch the maths come to life before your eyes.

Botany Walk 

$20 per person, $50 for families of 3+

Thursday 10am to 12pm, December 22

Meet at Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden

For ages 7+

An introductory guided botany walk around the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens. Learn about some of the plant families and how to identify them using plant morphology (the shapes and growth patterns of different plants). Listen to the history of land plants and learn to identify the most prehistoric plants, and how flowering plants came to dominate.

Bring a picnic lunch for afterwards.

8 weeks

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