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About the Phi School of Expanded Education

"One of the first concepts that I share with my students is that there is no such thing as truth. The study of science and mathematics is essentially a history of observations and ideas that have been compiled by some of the greatest minds. These ideas are fluid and can be overturned at any time, with new ideas taking their place. Anyone is capable of contributing to science and finding new perspectives on old ideas. Including you." - Nicole
Intentions of the Phi School
The Phi School of expanded education aims to offer an holistic way of learning. One that integrates seamlessly with the students, unbound by curriculum and rules about correct ages for gaining knowledge. To delve as deep into a topic as the students are willing to go. To include each student as an individual with a unique way of learning and a creative understanding that is all their own. To use subject matter as a portal through which the student can view the world with new perspectives, bringing alternative dimensions to everything that they experience. 
Small Classes
Most classes in the Phi School are limited to nine students.
In this space, the unique requirements of each student can be assessed. The limited class sizes allow the learning journey to be shaped in such a way that the differing needs of each student can be met.
Warm and comfortable environment
Classes are taught in the comfort of my own home. My house in Olinda is very warm, cosy and welcoming. The beautiful surroundings make for a very serene and relaxing environment in which to learn.
Classes are taught around the kitchen table, or sitting on the couches in the living room, aided by a projector.
Each student is made to feel right at home.
My teaching Style
I am a curious person and I like to ask 'why?' Perhaps I never grew up...
In preparing for my classes, I love to keep asking why until a full understanding emerges. I then like to sequence this information in such a way, that as we progress through a topic, questions rarely arise as the knowledge is carefully constructed from the ground up. When a student asks 'why?', I love the opportunity to explore and share on the concept from a new perspective. 
I'm also deeply passionate. I enjoy, so much, when a flash of understanding passes by a child's face.
Is the Phi school a good fit for you?
My core philosophy is that if someone is truly interested in a subject, they will be able to learn about it quickly and in great depth.  It is important that each student is attending on the basis of genuine interest. 
I can be quite unconventional in my teaching, and enjoy exploring any topic that comes up. Every question that a student asks is explored, and everyone is welcome to express their opinions.
History of the Phi School
I have been home schooling for more than ten years, and have had an interest in science and mathematics for as long as I can remember. Over the last three years I have formalised my understanding of mathematics and science through studies with open university. When talking with a group of homeschooling mothers in January of 2017, it became apparent that there was a demand for somebody to teach science and math. As I enjoy talking endlessly about science, it felt natural to step up, and the Phi School of Expanded Education was born.
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